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Jul 28 2021

Wainuioru Nursery Workshop

Wairarapa Pūkaha to Kawakawa Alliance invited regional expert Harvey Phillips to provide a training session on pricking out and...
Mangatarere Stream - Greater Wellington
Jul 23 2021

Come and meet the Mangatarere Catchment Project Team

On 11 August, the Mangatarere Restoration Society are hosting a public meeting at Carterton Events Centre.
O'Connor's Bush Arbor Day 21 Mark's Group Photo Small
Jul 21 2021

Biodiversity groups abound

There are over 50 groups in the Wairarapa, both rural and urban, who are working to protect and restore biodiversity in...
Wairarapa Conservation Week 2021
Jul 20 2021

Conservation Week in the Wairarapa

There’s a range of activities happening for Conservation Week across the Wairarapa – get involved, there’s something to suit...
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Jun 22 2021

Plant a memory. Plant a tree. Do it today for tomorrow.

South Wairarapa Biodiversity Group along with volunteers and students from Martinborough School planted 330 native trees at the...
Kids With Plants
Jun 22 2021

Planting Seeds | Growing a Community: The Wainuioru School and Community Nursery

The Wainuioru School and Community Nursery has been created to supply seedlings to the Wainuioru Community River Care Group...
Stoat caught in a DoC200
May 25 2021

Why use TrapNZ?

by Celia Wade-Brown TrapNZ helps volunteers to record and understand predator control and biodiversity data. TrapNZ is a free...
Wainuioru River
May 25 2021

Money: Just what you need?

The Wainuioru Community River Care Group (WCRCG) shares the challenges of managing a million-dollar catchment community...
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Apr 19 2021

Wairarapa Biodiversity Hui – communities working together for nature

Why not bring back whio, our threatened endemic blue duck to the Wairarapa? This was the challenge that left the room buzzing,...
Jane Cope, Kara Kenny and Benji Graham planting trees at Okorewa Lagoon
Mar 25 2021

Kei te mahi tatou mo te taiao – Communities working together for nature

There are at least 52 groups in the Wairarapa, who are working to protect and restore biodiversity in different ways, both rural...
Lakeview School students with Joseph Potangaroa at the Waipoua River
Dec 11 2020

Mokomoko: Learning from the Waipoua

Mokomoko is about students exploring and restoring an area of the Waipoua River
White Rock Dotterel Group Trap Handover
Dec 11 2020

Protecting Banded Dotterel at White Rock

The banded dotterel is as vulnerable as the great spotted kiwi yet not as well known or protected. Thankfully, the Wairarapa’s...
Sustainable Wairarapa group at Pontatahi Lizard Sanctuary
Dec 03 2020

Sustainable Wairarapa Inc: The Upward Influence of Community Involvement

by Ali Mackisack Like many locals, you’ve probably walked over the rocks and along the path leading up to the Castlepoint...
Nov 25 2020

Parkvale Catchment Group: Your chance to make a difference

It’s certainly no cause to celebrate – the Parkvale Stream is one of the more polluted streams in the Wairarapa, with high...
High Street 1924
Nov 25 2020

Catastrophic Flooding in Carterton: it’s happened before and it can happen again!

While these photos of Carterton underwater look like they’re set safely in the distant past, Carterton is still at risk of major...
Nov 16 2020

Ahiaruhe Eco Area Catchment Group’s first planting a community effort

By Nanette McDonald You may well have noticed a change at the corner of Ahiaruhe and Millar’s Roads. The native plantings and...
Tonganui Corridors Project group at Kohunui Marae Nursery
Nov 16 2020

Tonganui Biodiversity Corridors – Looking Forward to the Past

The Aorangi Restoration Trust aim to have functioning native forest, alongside farmland, stretching from the Aorangi forest park...
DSC 0145
Sep 24 2020

Urban Reserves

by Rebecca Jamieson Originally published in the summer 2017 issue of the Wairarapa Journal _____________________________ Spring...
Sep 01 2020

Upper Waipoua Kaitiaki Group making a difference

By Ali Mackisack With the cider bottles of river-water samples lined up on the picnic table in front of them, the evidence was...