We had the perfect weather window to kick off our first pest plant field trip hosted by WaiP2K and facilitated by the incredibly knowledgeable Peter Russell from Aotearoa Biodiversity Conservation (ABC Ltd).

We visited three sites that demonstrated a variety of landscapes and pest plants. First off was O’Connor’s Bush in Kuratawhiti Street, Greytown. Part of the Soldiers Memorial Park complex and an example of a forest remnant area dealing with the edge effect in an “urban” setting. Lots of garden escapees turned pest plants to view and some stunning mature Matai, Rewarewa, and Tōtara to enjoy.

A quick lunch break and a brief side trip to examine the delightful Korthalsella lindsayi, one of Aotearoa’s three dwarf leafless mistletoes, then we were off to Tate Reserve, Pāpāwai Road, Greytown.

DOC volunteer John Argue shared the work he has been undertaking in an effort to clear the reserve of Ivy, Elder, Glossy Privet/Tree Privet, and Crack Willow.  Finally, a visit to Pāpāwai Mangarara Stream and John talked us through the riparian planting that the Pāpāwai Stream Restoration group has undertaken and all the challenges that come with that!

Thank you to Peter Russell for sharing your tips and expertise when it comes to weed management and helping conservation, and catchment groups negotiate the meaty topics of health and safety, herbicide use, and biodiversity restoration. Thank you to John Argue, and Friends of O’Connor’s Bush for providing such a great opportunity for growing our knowledge. #conservationinaction #practicalworkshops

If you would like guidance on how to identify and manage some of the pest plant species we encountered see our PEST CONTROL RESOURCES

Katie Abbott for WaiP2K

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