Native Plants Resources

Online Resources

He Kākano: How to Set Up a Native Plant Nursery

This resource aims to assist schools and communities in starting their own backyard/community nurseries.

He Kākano Seed Collecting Guide

This resource aims to assist schools and communities in collecting their own seeds for community nurseries.

NZPCN Conservation Training Modules

NZPCN has developed a plant conservation training course for iwi with five modules that can be downloaded as PDFs.

Restoration Planting: A Guide for Wellington

A guide to planning restoration planting projects in the Wellington region.

Wellington Regional Native Plant Guide

How to choose native plants for your garden or rural block according to where in the Wellington region you live.

Bush Restoration Guide

Advice on restoring a degraded bush area into a healthy ecosystem for native plants and animals.

Native Plant Restoration

Learn about sourcing and growing local plants for your restoration project.

Native Forest Restoration: A Practical Guide for Landowners

This publication provides practical advice for individuals and organisations managing and restoring native forest remnants, or recreating native bush in both urban and rural situations in New Zealand.

Seed Collection and Propagation Guide for Grasses, Sedges, Lilies, Flaxes, Epiphytes and Climbers

Find out when to collect seeds and how to propagate native grasses, sedges, lilies, flaxes, epiphytes and climbers.

The Manuka & Kanuka Plantation Guide

The Mānuka and Kānuka Plantation Guide provides objective, market-verified information on factors affecting plantation yield, and likely costs and potential revenue, to help landowners build a business case and move towards decision making.

NZPCN Plant Lists – Wellington Region

Plant lists provide a record of the species recorded during a visit to a site. Lists may cover large areas or districts or may be specific to a forest remnant.

Small Scale Propagation of Native Trees: A Simple Guide and Examples

This guide from Surveying the Bay aims to provide easy to follow notes to assist others with the small scale propagation of a number of native tree species.

Plants to Attract Bees

Akura Plant Nursery guide on what to plant to attract bees. 

Plants to Attract Birds

Akura Plant Nursery guide on what to plant to attract birds. 

Create a Lizard Friendly Garden

This Predator Free NZ guide shows what lizards like and how to assemble your lizard-friendly patch of sunny basking spots and safe hiding places.

Germination Requirements of New Zealand Native Plants: A Review

A review of knowledge of the germination requirements of seeds of indigenous New Zealand plants.

Separating Chaff from Kowhai Seed

A video from Stonefeather Studios on how to separate chaff from kowhai seed.

Tāne’s Tree Trust National Carbon Calculator

This tool allows you to work out how much carbon your planted native forest is storing over a defined period of time.


Which Native Tree? New Zealand Native Trees

A simple, illustrated guide to common New Zealand native trees, including identification, ecology and uses, by best-selling author Andrew Crowe.

The Propagation of New Zealand Native Plants by Lawrie Metcalf

This classic book covers propagation structures, equipment and materials, how to propagation from seed and cuttings, grafting, layering and division, harvesting and storing seed, diseases and pests and propagation of selected plants A-Z.

Wetland Plants in New Zealand by Peter Johnson and  Pat Brooke

Designed as a field guide Wetland Plants in New Zealand illustrates both native and naturalised plants of bogs, swamps, estuaries, and lakes. Superb line drawings complement the text which describes key features, distributions, and habitats.

Go Wild: Guiding Native Restoration In Tasman District by Maggie Atkinson and Michael North

Go Wild is a new style of native forest restoration manual, combining the “how to” with the stories of people who have done it, inspire it and live it.