Holdsworth Restoration Trust


Project Kaka at Donnelly Flat was established in 2010 with a group of volunteers working with DOC to set up a trapping network around Donnelly Flat to catch rats, mice, possums and mustelids, with the aim to increase native birdlife in the area. The project still continues with a group of, mainly retired, volunteers meeting on alternate Thursdays for 2-3 hours of trapping, followed by a cuppa and chat.

Atiwhakatu Trapping Project started in 2017 when DOC Masterton received a significant bequest to be spent in the Holdsworth area. Since then further funding has enabled nearly 700 Goodnature A24 traps to be put into an area of about 1,000ha surrounding Donnelly Flat. Volunteers meet, weekends and week days, to mark trap lines, put out traps and service them at 6 month intervals. The aim being to protect native birds and insects over a large area enabling them to breed more successfully and provide a more interesting background for visitors to the walking tracks in the area.


Donnelly Flat area at Mt. Holdsworth