Dung Beetles are a great way to bury dung from pastoral animals into the soil profile and improve soil health. The beetles have evolved to live alongside pastoral animals but they were not introduced into NZ when pastoral animals were. They will bury, cattle, sheep, horse and deer manure.

Adding dung beetles to your farm system can increase the soil structure, nutrient recycling, reduce runoff, increase forage available for grazing and mitigate risks to freshwater.  They are a great tool for any animal-based agriculture system.

Greater Wellington Regional Council has partnered with Dung Beetle Innovations to supply Dung Beetles to landowners in the Wellington region. Packages are currently offered at $3,000, 50% of the normal total cost.

Contact your local Land Management Advisor if you’re interested or have any questions or get in touch with Kolja Schaller on 022 068 5425 or kolja.schaller@gw.govt.nz.

Watch a video of a Wairarapa farmer talking about the benefits of dung beetles

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Dung beetles (Greater Wellington)

Dung beetles (Greater Wellington)