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Wairarapa Pūkaha to Kawakawa Alliance is a diverse range of communities, groups and individuals working together to achieve a thriving native biodiversity, waterways to be proud of, and prosperous communities. We hope you will join us to achieve our vision.

The challenges that face us can be addressed only by working together. Local knowledge, leadership and ownership are essential to achieve and sustain the changes we need.

Our network is on a landscape scale. It connects rural and urban Wairarapa communities, mana whenua. It brings them together with government agencies, both local and national, to build a resilient and flourishing Wairarapa from Pūkaha (Mt. Bruce) to Kawakawa (Palliser Bay) and from the Tararua Range to the sea.

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Thriving biodiversity and connected communities where land, water and people flourish


What are we?

The Wairarapa Pūkaha to Kawakawa Alliance is a community-led network. It brings many different groups together to increase the health of Wairarapa ecosystems, biodiversity, water and the resilience of its communities.

Who are we?

The Alliance is led by a Forum made up of people representing the participating groups, people from the broader Wairarapa community, as well as people representing the agencies.
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What do we do?

The Alliance is an open network; members decide which projects and activities they want to participate in. We provide practical information and wide-ranging support to existing and new groups.