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The Wairarapa Pūkaha to Kawakawa Alliance is a collaborative network of communities and organisations working together to support, sustain and grow environmental restoration in the Wairarapa.

There are over 50 groups in the Wairarapa working on planting, predator control and monitoring projects to help restore the biodiversity of our region. Find out more about these groups.

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A catchment community group is led by landowners and farmers taking action to achieve a long-term vision for the catchment, based on a healthy environment and a thriving community. Find out what support is available and contact the Regional Coordinator.

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"Trapped Stoat" by Adam Lindquist is marked with CC BY-NC 2.0.

Wairarapa Animal Pest Control Strategy

The Wairarapa Pūkaha to Kawakawa Alliance (WaiP2K) is a community-led network. It brings many different groups together to increase the health of Wairarapa ecosystems,...
Volunteers planting at Wairio wetland

Restoration Day to thank Wairarapa environmental groups

Greater Wellington is asking those interested in restoring the environment to register for Restoration Day. Held on Saturday 28 May, the annual event is thanking local...
Richard Parkes

Richard Parkes: Getting your group ready for action

by Ali Mackisack So you’ve heard a bit and read a bit about Community Catchment Groups (CCGs). You’ve thought, “hey, great idea” and have had a chat with a few neighbouring...
Installing bat monitor at Kiriwhakapapa

Tiny Treasures: Finding and recording our long-tailed bat population

by Ali Mackisack She’s been spending her days looking at tiny pictures of sounds. The sounds reveal themselves as lines of varying lengths and shades, yet many many times, the...
Kate Wyeth Speaking At The WaiP2K CCG Field Day

Rural communities come together for healthy thriving catchments

by Ali Mackisack Outside the hall, there’s a 3 litre diesel ute parked next to a tiny electric car. The variety in the vehicles parked in the paddock-cum-carpark reflects the...
Catchment Leaders

Support grows for rural communities to take action for the environment

by Ali Mackisack Kate Wyeth had a whole list of things she wanted to do in Masterton – a long list of “town jobs” to tick off before being interviewed about the plan she’s helped...
EPA 200826 TREE 01

Exploring eDNA

by Ali Mackisack Remember the joys of fossicking around in a river or creek – dipping your net into the water and turning over rocks to discover what was underneath? New...
Cropped IMG 20210419 111000 Scaled 1.jpg

Restoration Day back in the Wairarapa

Restoration Day 2022 will be held here in the Wairarapa putting the spotlight on the amazing mahi happening in our special part of the region. Restoration Day is an annual event...
NZ Long-tailed Bat/Pekapeka-tou-roa, Waikaia River, Piano Flat, Southland" by flyingkiwigirl is licensed with CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Bats in our backyard?

The Wairarapa has never been systematically surveyed for long-tailed bats so Sustainable Wairarapa teamed up with Friends of Rewa Bush to undertake a survey of our region for...

$1.1 million funding boost for farmer-led catchment groups in the Wairarapa

A $1.1 million funding boost will help farmer-led Wairarapa catchment community groups to take action for better biodiversity and stream health outcomes and the resilience of...
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Pae Tū Mōkai o Tauira: Growing a Future, One Plant at a Time

“It’s easy to underestimate what it takes to set up and run a native tree nursery,” says Narida Hooper of Pae Tū Mōkai o Tauira Inc – a community and environment-focused group...
ECE Playgroup at Pūkaha 9027 Small

Wairarapa’s Enviro Educators

by Ali Mackisack Photos of smiling children with a tree in one hand and a spade in the other, abound on our print and social media platforms. But – as in many other places,...
O'Connor's Bush Arbor Day 21 Mark's Group Photo Small

Biodiversity groups abound

There are over 50 groups in the Wairarapa, both rural and urban, who are working to protect and restore biodiversity in different ways across our region.